Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hair Crush: Amandla Stenberg

So I saw The Hunger Games last night and I must say, I think I've been won over. I know that it's based on a young adult novel and there's a trilogy because a lot of people told me how awesome it was. As much coverage as it's gotten, I didn't have it in my mind to see it until some controversy regarding one of the characters Rue, being black. I was reading the backlash and thought about how young Ms. Stenberg is and felt the need to support her. I'm not sure if going to see the movie was supporting her directly, but it made sense to me. Anyway, I love her hair! I love how they styled her cute natural hair in the movie, even though it's a post-apocolyptic world. And she's been making the rounds. (side note: I think she was in Colombiana as well, playing Zoe Saldana's young character) I just adore the crap out of her right now and while I'm not surprised at all the hate, it still sucks and I commend her doing her thing!

Isn't she a beauty? I hope to see her in more movies, especially if they are post-apocalyptic, sci-fi films. I just don't think we have enough Women of Color in that genre!

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  1. She has such a striking beauty, especially those eyes! I adored her in The Hunger Games and thought she was perfect for it (and her hairstyle, too). I hope she does do more sci-fi.


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