Friday, April 6, 2012

Messy Braid-Out Ponytail + Weekend Hair Plans

Check out my big, messy ponytail for today. I used Jane Carter Wrap n Roll to set eight braids and fluffed and separated this morning. I left a good chunk of hair on both sides out of the ponytail; gives my look a little "fun" ya know?

By the way, it feels great to be updating like this even though I'm not doing anything amazingly profound with my hair. For my weekend hair plans: I want to do henna treatment (which I haven't done in a year), I think it would be nice to utilize the last of my high-lighted strands to go for a little red. I have to stock up on some hair products and have my eyes set on trying a new shampoo. I'll definitely update YAIS readers next week to my findings!

For now, hope you all have a happy holiday (for those who celebrate). And let us know: what are your weekend hair plans?

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