Monday, April 16, 2012

Restoration Continued

Happy Monday YAIS readers!

I forgot to put up Sunday's Question yesterday but never fear, we'll have one for you next time. I was pretty bummed about my henna fail last weekend, but I've still been using my tools to get back on track; deep conditioning hasn't happened yet but I've been sticking to low manipulation hairstyles like my high bun and loose ponytails and I twisted my hair yesterday.  I twisted on damp hair, using conditioner as my leave-in and sealing with Vatika oil. I unfortunately could not find my rat-tail comb to part so they are pretty messy but it's not too terrible. Here's a quick pic of my twists:

I've also been exercising to get rid of the stress and finally started cooking again. Before I had been eating out (or not eating at all) but I finally went grocery shopping and made a really simple pasta dish last night - just egg noodles with garlic, sauteed spinach and boiled egg (for protein) and added a little hot sauce. I know it sounds weird and I don't have a really good picture of it but trust me it was delicious and best of all quick to make. I'm so proud that I was in my kitchen after nearly 6 weeks and have leftovers for lunch today.

Back to hair, I did notice that I don't have a lot of single strand knots as much as I do splits in my hair. I am happy to see that it's breaking less and that most of the hair coming out is shed hair (yes, I was examining all the strands that came out just to be sure!) so that's already a step up from the horrible breakage I was experiencing before. No set regimen for my hair yet, but sticking to my restoration plan I should be alright soon enough!


  1. That so looks like something that I would eat! I'm always playing around with stuff in the kitchen. I once sauteed red yellow and green bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, asparagus and chicken breast, in worcheshire (sp) sauce and it was delish! My friend looked at it like, naw i'll pass! Hmph, he didn't know what he was missing! LOL

  2. @MissKroberts okay now I don't feel so weird about how I experiment and combine foods lol, that sounds delicious!


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