Friday, April 27, 2012

VERY Happy Hair as of lately!

 You all know I'm impatient, so it's no wonder I took my weave out in a week! lol I guess what it is more so though, is that I really enjoy my own hair, especially now that it's getting longer. And though I enjoy wearing weaves and extensions, I still end up feeling fake. I know I will enjoy weave more when my hair is long enough to fully and easily blend... right now it's just a little more work and leaves me with limited styling that makes me just rather my own hair...
So, I took my hair out 2 nights ago, and since I had washed my hair about 3 days before that and moisturized it, It left me with a beautiful, soft, and defined braid out.. In love!!!
Randomly, I bought this Aloe Body Lotion at the hair show that I did not love for my body, but upon reading the ingredients further, decided to try it in my hair, and so far it's amazing!!!
I don't want to jump the gun, seeing as how i've only been using it for a day or two, so I won't give any reviews or names of anything until I've used it for a while... especially since it's initially intended to moisturize the skin... Review in let's say...a week?  
Anyhoo... I moisturized my hair yesterday using the Aloe Cream and decided to wear the braid out in my fave 2 buns, and was so happy to see how much my hair had grown, as my buns were bigger, fuller, and longer! I even had to squish them down quite a bit to get scrunchies over 'em.

I definitely loved the protective styling benefits of wearing the weave for a week, and I am thinking of wearing my usual large, long extention braids for the first 2 weeks of May... just to  get some protective styling in (especially for my front edges) without missing my hair like crazy. Also, though I love those braids, they're damned heavy! lol

 I bought some new products at the hair show I wanted to try and my scalp was a little itchy so I decided to wash my hair last night. Again, I won't be reviewing anything until I use it for a little while so I can give a full and thorough review...
Before washing however, I decided to do a few length checks, just to see how this growth process is going and I'm happy to say I'm pleased. My hair doesn't grow super fast, and it can break, tangle, get split ends and single strand knots pretty easily, so growth around here is a joyus occasion, lol. My edges are still basically the shortest of my hair, my hair at my crown and upper head in general being the longest. 

This month made exactly a year and a half since I did my second chop, and with all of my experimentation, lack of protective styling and my setback last summer, I'm glad to see that Ive still been able to retain a good amount of length that is completely healthy! I'm not holding on to stringy, split ends or wearing unshapely hair just for the sake of length. I'm really proud of where I am with my hair and see my hair continuing to grow and flourish with care, while still getting to wear my hair free and style when and how I want. Now that my hair is getting longer, it is going to be easier to do the protective styles I love: Ponytails. lol

I'm not eager to claim any length until I feel my hair is fully at one point...
My hair is cut is very layered since it's all been growing out from the same length, though I've been trimming and shaping it a little to avoid the dreaded AFROMULLET
I don't know where I am now really but I hope to be Full Shoulder Length by the end of the summer...

Until then, Enjoy the length checking hairporn = D

My hair braided up with the Aloe crean and sealed with Glycerin.

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