Thursday, May 3, 2012

Long TWA Ladies: Do You Ever Feel Stuck Between A Rock And A Twist-Out?

Yes, I said Long TWA, lol. I'm sure anyone who's grown their hair out from a TWA before would understand what it's like when you get to that in between point when your hair is finally not 2 inches long anymore... but still once you let it dry, it kinda still is.    >_< grrrr shrinkage!
I would say my hair is close to being full shoulder length,  definitely full neck length already with my nape already crawling past my shoulders. When I wash my hair, most of my textures shrink up to about 2 - 3  inches. My hair lengths range from 5 to 8 inches. If I was to air dry, I would always have a 1 inch looking shrunken up Afro  -_- 
Now That would be fine if I wanted to rock a 1 inch fro. I would totally just keep my hair cute and cut and easy, but since I'm currently in the process of growing my hair out, it's really frustrating to not immediately be able to see my length, I always have to do some type of stretching process: Banding, Braiding, Twisting, bunning, setting, straightening... uhg... I've learned that it comes with the territory but it's all so frustrating. 
I thought I was out of the TWA park but I'm really realizing I'm not. I just can't wait until my hair gets longer so I can stop feeling like I'm stuck between a rock and a twist out.

All you ladies that have or have had a TWA, have you experienced this feeling? What helped you get through these in-between times?


  1. YES!!! I'm about 4.5 inches now, but when I airdry--which is what I've been doing lately because I do not feel like twisting--my fro is 1.5 inches if I'm lucky. I learned the banding technique a couple of weeks ago, but I'm starting to see some breakage more of that. :(

  2. @mrsnumbles oh no on the breakage! I've been banding for a while now no problems... Are you banding too tight? Using bands with any snagging qualities? All of these things can be factors in the breakage... As for not feeling like twisting, I hear that completely... Banding or little tucked under buns usually saves me from that... They just take forever to dry!

  3. i truly thought it was just me. it has seriously made me contemplate cutting it off again because i know what to do with my hair in the twa stage. but this long twa stage? yeah, no bueno.

    like my old styles dont come out right on my long twa but the styles i envision dont come out right either cuz its not technically long enough. i am petrified of heat so i dont want to use that to get my length and secretly, i like my hair when its set on wet hair but wet hair = shrinkage. i cant pin it into creative styles because alas, its not long enough and i cant do pompadours yet because alas, its not quite long enough unless i stretch it. the whole reason for staying natural was to stay away from heat. and now it seems like a lil heat may get me the length i need to do what i need it to do. i'm seriously thinking about braids, but then again i know me and after about 2 days i'd be itching to feel and SEE MY own hair again... these are the blues... and i'm a year into this...

    i have been thinking though about going back up to the salon in NY where i got my big chop done and styled and getting them to style myhair and to learn some more tricks of the trade.

    and is it just me or do the products that worked for a TWA no longer worked either..

    sorry for the rant... it really hit home

  4. @anonymous
    No problem, that was not a rant because I can say I've felt every single way that you've mentioned up there.... including wanting to chop again because I didn't know what to do...
    And I actually did chop again and loved it and deeply regretted it at the same time because I could be pushing Bra length this year instead of shoulder length -_-
    The second chop did teach me a lot though so I am grateful for that, but definitely wish I had kept that length

    In terms of styling I know exactly what you mean... never really been a TWA styles kind of person so I just live in twist outs.... but then you grow out of your TWA go to... and the long styles you really want wont work yet... I know the feeling... again, youre stuck in a twist out.

    Products may still work, but I think we expect them to do the same thing and be applied the same way when it's totally not the same... everything is a transition..
    If you're close to NYC, Im a stylist also if you need any tips and I hope this post has been helpful :)
    You're not alone! lol

  5. Hey!
    I am so happy I found this blog!!! This is EXACTLY the stage I am in and I really have no idea what to do with my hair anymore - twistouts and puffs get boring after a while, it's not long enough to pony or cute bun, and while I'd like to straighten it, I don't want to ruin all my hard "growing" with heat. ...sorry for the huge runon there :P but you definitely have a new follower here. Keep us posted on any new styles you come up with! :)


  6. @A aww thanks! Im hoping to hold it down for you TWA ladies because you are all right, somebody has to! lol I understand your plight, mine is the same and heat is such a tease, lol, hang in there, I hope to have some great posts coming!!!


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