Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where Are the Natural Hair Trends for Spring 2012?

My allergies coming out full force this past week has reminded me that it's indeed Spring. My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall mostly because it's the perfect time for clothing and accessories I love to wear. I enjoy shopping for outerwear, shoes and accessories mostly so for me Spring and Fall are scarves, light jackets, cute sweaters, dresses-with-leggings and boots weather. If I had money I'd be out shopping everyday.

So anyway, I decided to get the full idea of what Spring will be like for 2012 and searched for images of "Spring 2012 Hair Trends." I'm not really a "trend" follower but I do take note as to what's in. I saw a lack of "ethnic" faces which didn't surprise me, but I did spot a couple of styles that incorporated twists and buns that were interesting:

Apparently ponytails and slicked back and glistening hair are big for the Spring. I can't say I saw anything too exciting or any styles with natural hair in mind - again not surprising. I looked through this slideshow of "Must Try Hair Trends for Spring 2012" and was utterly unimpressed, especially with the one "textured" style they had. I'm not trying to discredit the work or ideas of stylists especially for the fashion world, which I am merely just a consumer of, but it would be nice to see styles with different kinds of hair in mind. Straight hair isn't a default for everyone after all. If you look at the instructions on how to achieve the "must have" styles it doesn't take into account for those with texture. So how do we go about embracing ourselves while being fashion-forward? It seems that for those of us with texture/curls/coils we have to look to our list of individual naturalistas, like Solange or Tracy Ross and other hair crushes to give us inspiration of what to try.

Personally, I think this spring will be a "messy" textured looks. I'll do ponytails that won't look neat and like this one and buns high buns with texture. Curls/coils are always in style no matter what in my opinion, and we can make them work for the trends! We're working on a hair style gallery for YAIS so stay tuned for that in the future!

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  1. I don't know about specific "spring styles" but this is how I've been wearing my hair for a while, and I plan to continue it for a bit until a certain someone sends me their flatiron *cough*


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