Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Question: Natural Hair Frustrations

As beautiful and wondrous our textures can be, there are some tears. I remember when I was younger and my mother was combing my hair and it suddenly snapped in half; I was both amused and mortified that my strands could fight back like that. But there are days when I try to get my hair to do something and it's not having it. It's like oh, you want to try and get a smooth ponytail? Oh, you trying to avoid the frizz? Wait, you tryna put what on me?

Nope! Not gonna happen! Not today - all that summed up by Oprah ^^

You're not alone in your frustrations with your natural hair. Although I embrace my frizz I do wish I could effortlessly pull of a sleek look, or not have to worry too much about shrinkage when I want to show my hair length. So what are your natural hair frustrations?


  1. I guess my frustration is the weekly rituals with washing, DC and styling which takes HOURS! otherwise, im happy with my hair. just wish it grows as fast as other people's hair

  2. My daily frustrations involve shrinkage from washing. And definitely and forever single strand knots!! >.<

  3. Ugh... I totally understand.. I have all the same frustrations as you Zee + forever split ends + wishing my hair grew as long as other people's hair like you Curious Kinks + Dealing with a million different fragile fine textures of hair -__-
    Otherwise, I really <3 my natural hair... I just can't wait till it's longer!!!


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