Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Mystery of My Henna Fail

I was so excited to do a henna treatment this past weekend, but I don't think this was a successful application. Based on SP and I's previous henna experiences, I must say I was disappointed to have no color deposit, I'm still shedding something awful, and I cannot tell if it's conditioning benefits actually reached me (my hair is nice and shiny but was it the conditioner?) I used the Jamila brand which is one I've used before. I think that my application may have failed because of the following:

1. Didn't let henna sit long enough
2. Used too hot water when I mixed it with tea - caused the dye release to happen too quickly

Jamila Henna

Henna powder

Allow me to explain the second point. To get the coloring benefit of henna (red or red-orange, depending on the crop) you have to mix the powder with a slightly-acidic liquid for dye release. When this happens, henna will turn from green to brown. I use green tea for dye release which usually works - and this time as soon as I added the tea my henna just went brown. I tested the henna on a paper towel and there wasn't really a stain. So I wonder if it's because the water was way to hot (which I've read you shouldn't do) and/or I just didn't let it sit too long #ponders.

But I did use a new shampoo. I'm not sure how I like it yet but it smells amazing and it touted as paraben and sulfate free, and can be found locally. Try and guess what it is YAIS readers, while I scratch my head with this henna situation.


  1. Yea, the hot water was probably the culprit. That would cause the dye to release right quickly.

  2. It sounds like you already know what caused the process to not work... you'll do better the next time. I too use tea, chammomille is my fave.

  3. Thanks folks yes, I'll probably try again in another couple of weeks.

  4. I have never used henna, but I understand hair color. If your hair is already "filled" with artificial color, then that old color needs to be removed out of the hair to make room for "new" color to be deposited. I hope this helps!


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