Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Does Natural Hair Freedom Mean To You?

All this talk and thought about protective styling made me really realize how much I really appreciate my natural hair freedom. What do I mean by Natural Hair Freedom?
When I thought about going natural, all I envisioned was long, beautiful free-flowing curls or big bouncy afros, not the hair restriction that comes with weaves, braids and a lot of protective styles. People with straighter, less textured hair seem to have a freedom I sort of envy... not having to worry about the rain or what their hair will look like the next morning if they don't sleep with a scarf or bonnet... I wanna wear my hair out everyday too!!! Aside from long jumbo twists and braids, I never envisioned or wanted any of the other styles like coil twists or a full head of cornrows or mini box braids... I just want to let my curls flow freely in the wind... Is that too much to ask for?! lol
Natural hair freedom to me, means being able to do whatever you want with your hair! Not having to re-twist at night if you don't want to, let that twist out get big and wild over time. It means wearing your hair out whenever you want to... knowing that you might have to detangle a little more or trim a little sooner but dealing with it. I don't mind daily moisturizing or twisting every night if it really means my natural hair freedom. I'm crazy for length right now... but not crazy enough to live in braids or weave for any substantial amount of time like people who do these things back to back for years and never wear their hair out.. not knocking it, just not for me. I Live in twist outs because they give me natural hair freedom... I'm able to wear my hair out, or pinned up, or pushed back with a headband... anyhow I want really!

What Styles Define Your Natural Hair Freedom?


  1. I agree. I know that I'll retain more length with protective styling but I'd rather wear my hair out & big for now. Length will come eventually.

  2. WORD @anonymous.... exactly how I feel

  3. Freedom is however you want it. I tend to wear protective styles just because it's easier with my routine. But I do love just having my hair out and free.

  4. I was in mediation about this exact topic. I wear protective styling right now because the general population can not handle "extremely nappy black hair." I am fine with it. I can have a mound of "naps" sitting on top of my head with some moisturizer and be alright. My hair does not define me nor my IQ. However, just like the peer pressure to be skinny or a Hollywood size 0, sometimes you just realize that you can not take the pressure. You conform for the sake of peace. That's how I feel about my hair. It is so much work to keep it socially acceptable that I would rather keep it clean, moisturized, and plaited and wear protective styling. The general population right now cares more about "styling," and as long as you achieve style with your own hair or a wig-- you will be accepted. This is sad, but true. What is even more sad is when women feel that their own "beautiful, long, carefree hair" defines them. So if they suffer hair loss for what ever reason; they almost become suicidal because they don't have their security blanket. I would rather have nappy hair and a brilliant brain before I take "exotic" hair and average intelligence. Well, that's my two cents worth. Smile.

  5. @Neshe ~ You're totally right... I guess you could think about it as your freedom from relaxers in general, or freedom from extra detangling, or having to style or the time.. I can totally understand that :) It just feels so good to let my hair just "be"... but I do appreciate the benefits of protective styles for sure

    @PhenominalHairstylist I completely understand where you're coming from... You may really love your natural "non-ideal to society" hair but the truth is, society can really get you down... you feel like you should be fitting within some type of standard... "like well ... my hair is already natural so it doesn't matter if I always flatiron it/weave/etc.." instead of just embracing it for what it truly is, for the sake of what others might say or think... It's easy to say "F&%! IT! But it's hard to actually not care...
    About the long hair point, from one hairstylist to another I know exactly what you're talking about and I wrote a post I didn't publish yet because of how controversial it might be to those long haired girls who are so attatched and it is their security blanket... I also had to be sure to watch my tone because of how I feel about the matter
    But I thank you for writing this because I am going to post it right now! Lol
    Hopefully I'll get some answers that'll help us both understand :)
    Thanks again


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