Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Celebrity Doppelganger: Kelly Rowland

For years I've been told I look like Kelly Rowland, some old friends even still call me Kelly Rowland, lol. A lot of people wouldn't say so now since I look like the post nose job Kelly, but I just think she's so cute regardless and I love the natural weave she's wearing now! Do you think she's growing her hair out  natural with her natural weave or do you think she's going with the whole "natural hair is a trend right now" thing?
I'm currently in LA right now for a week, so since I knew I'd be traveling and I didn't want to end up having a bad hair week, I decided to weave my hair up. To save money I decided to reuse my Jheri Curl weave I bought last year and only used once... you remember, this one:
Well I just dyed it black, rinsed my hair to match, and Voila! New Weave! lol
Randomly on my flight here, I was watching TV and Kelly came on, and when i realized we basically have matching weaves, I knew I had to do this post. Lol
What do you all think about Mrs. Rowland's look?!


  1. You do look like her! I like Kelly with the natural weave, but then again, she's pretty me GORGEOUS no matter what lol

  2. @Neshe Thanks! I agree... I love her with short hair the most honestly but I love the natural weave too!


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