Saturday, April 21, 2012

Long Hair Only Lovers, Please Speak Out!

Okay, those of you long hair only lovers out there, young or old, black or white, please, speak out!!
My question to you is: What's the deal with long hair that you can only have long hair? What are you so attached to, or hiding, or afraid of?
This is a question I have always wondered and could never understand...
As a hairstylist, I've learned to be sensitive to people's individual feelings concerning their hair, but I've seen one too many women with long hair FREAK OUT over getting something as menial as a trim. I mean literally, grown women, throwing tantrums, crying, screaming and cursing, rolling on the floor, the list goes on (I'M SERIOUSLY NOT JOKING)... Spiral into depressions even over a hairstylist trimming an inch or 2 of stringy, see through ends... And I'm talking about trimming an inch or two off of at least waist length hair.  
Now of course this is not every woman with long hair, as I know there are people who grow their hair to their butt and chop it off every 5 years, or just decided one day to chop their beautiful long hair to a short cut and never turn back, but for the others, I find something kind of disturbing about someone with a good amount of years on their life who's never had hair shorter than their arm pits or shoulders (the one's who consider bra strap length short and would never get a haircut)... If you notice, she's the one who always wears her hair down. When it's time to take a photo, she's the one who brings all her hair to the front on both sides, covering most of her face and body. She's the one who never wears her hair pulled back away from her face... Her Security Blanket. 
I especially can't stand when people have long hair who really shouldn't, like people whose hair is like 10 strands strands thick... the Bad kind of "Hippie hair"... Please let that go! Your hair will look fuller shorter anyway! 
(Sorry for yelling. I just really can't stand that.. when keeping it real goes wrong, lol

I'm currently feigning for length, wanting to finally grow my hair really long for the first time (just to like hip length stretched..) but I've never felt like I couldn't have short hair or was afraid of short hair.... It seems like women who are attached to long hair are afraid of short hair... they act like they would die with a haircut, even if it's a trim of an inch that will grow back in a month or two... I just don't get it...
My Theory is:  Let's just say you live on average 80 yrs... If you get a haircut once in your life, it would take you a year or 2 to grow your hair back, maybe 4 if you're growing it pretty long... but that still gives you about 76 years with long hair... 
Like seriously, would it kill you to try and embrace a short haircut once? Please, Speak Out!!!

(If it has anything to do with Religion or Tradition of course I'm not talking to you in this case :)


  1. I find beauty in hair of all lengths, but I think there is some sort of feeling of achievement linked to long hair for some women. Even if it is unhealthy they want to hang on to that length. There is also the assumption that men like longer hair.

  2. @Neshe These points are completely valid... but I feel like there are deeper underlying psychological reasons... I mean, from some of the break downs i've seen, you would think some of these women needed to be institutionalized, over an inch of hair... I think that goes way deeper than your husband not liking short hair (as he probably wouldn't notice an inch gone anyway)...

  3. is it not just as bad as those who refuse to grow out their hair? if people like long hair... then that's them.

  4. @anonymous You're clearly missing the point of this post...


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