Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Ombre' Color + Curly Side Puff Updo

 Every year when the spring/summer comes around, I always get that itch for fun, vibrant, bright color! Last year I decided to go with some creative color I referred to as my party patch. This year I decided to lighten a piece of my hair in the front, in the same area where I had placed last years party patch (since it was previously lightened which would make the process a little easier). Being that my roots were virgin, I knew they would lift to blonde, and my end previously being dyed green, i knew would lift to a lighter green. (left)
Once my hair lifted to my desired level using B&W bleach and 40 volume developer, inspired by the oh so trendy Ombre' hair color effect, I decided to use Lie Locks and Shocking Blue from Manic Panic to create my own colored Ombre look. I used a little 10 volume developer on my own hair and then added the manic panic, starting with the Lie Locks and then fading into the Shocking Blue, without disturbing the already light green area. The photos below shows my hair with being highlighted with bleach in foils, then shows my hair immediately after the color was rinsed out.
 And here are some photos of what the color looks like a little damp... while contemplating doing a full head of 2 strand twists... (In the stretched hair photo, you can totally see all the bleach damage on the part of my hair that's green, since it's been bleached a few times :(

And here is my hair, fully dried,with the front twisted out, and everything pushed to the side with a headband. Those twists that didn't make it to a full hair style made a great set of twisted out bangs and my is hair so curly from the 4 braids I did the other night to sleep, after washing my hair...
which I wore yesterday in 2 buns which really helped to stretch out my curls while still keeping them in tact!

I am sooo in love with my hair today and hope I can try to re-visit this style next week when I actually have something to do! lol
How do you like the curly side puff with the heavy bangs? What about the color? Would you Rock it?


  1. "How do you like the curly side puff with the heavy bangs? What about the color? Would you Rock it?" I love the curly side puff w/heavy bangs! You rock it very well! The color is awesome!!! The style I would rock but not the color... I'm strictly a henna head.

  2. I think the color is fabulous. I would do it but only temp. The style is nice...the color and style together is just so headturning. I love your look. Very unique..and all you.

  3. @Ang Thanks! If you try out the style, I'd love to see how it comes out! Its been one of the easiest and best looking styles I think I've worn in a while. As for the color hey, I understand it's not for everyone and I still love henna! I still have the rest of my hair to care for!!! lol
    @Judy OOoo.. nice to be fabulous! lol Funny that you say that because when my mother saw it for the first time, she asked me "Is that spray in?" lol But the fun thing about a patch that's bleached out is that I can always change the color(s) whenever I want, even if I want to go back to something normal. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks Neshe! You know I love to switch it up!

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if it would be as easy if I wanted slightly different colors though? THANK YOU!


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