Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday's Question: Is Your Hair Nappy?

Natural hair enthusiasts! It's been too long and for that, we apologize. SP has been busy with fashion week and will update us all on her experiences soon, and work and personal matters has kept me away. Let's just jump back in, like friends who haven't seen each other in a while but can vibe again as if a day hasn't passed!

Let's start the week off with discussing the word "nappy." It's a word used to described the highly textured strands of hair belonging to people of African descent, and was generally negative to describe hair that is "unkempt" and "dirty." The Natural Movement has taken the term and made the word something to embrace positively. But I'll admit, I'm not fully on board with it. I don't describe my hair as nappy and wouldn't like it if others referred to it as such; when I was younger my grandmother used to refer to my hair texture as "silky naps" because to her, nappy hair meant you had "black people's hair" no matter what you were mixed with, but I disagree with hair - let alone a black person's hair - should be described as nappy. I use terms like "highly textured" "coily," "curly" and "tightly curled" but that's just me. If a natural refers to their hair as "nappy" with pride, I would never tell them they are wrong to do so.

So what about you guys? Do you refer to your hair as nappy? Is there anything wrong with the term? Feel free to vote in our poll and drop us a comment; I'm interested in your thoughts!


  1. What? 0 comments? I have always referred to my natural hair as nappy in a proud way. Back in the '90s, people were "Happy to be Nappy," and that's where my mentality comes from. :)

  2. I completely understand your point of view and certainly agree with it. I find that many people who say their hair is "nappy" soon after will claim it needs to be "fixed"... as though their hair is unkempt and needs to be dealt with in a rough manner. I don't believe some humans naturally need to be treated more "roughly" than others in the same way that I do not feel some people are born with less value... or less valuable hair than others. Class is imposed... I find "nappy" to be a derogatory word. I think there's a reason it's not an acceptable word used on the news/in the public eye. I believe we are all born beautifully in our natural states; therefore, I don't use the term "nappy" either. Interesting post though. I'll re-post the link on a Facebook group I'm in, if you'd approve :)

  3. @HurricaneCat5: Interesting what the word means for different people! I heard the term "Happy to be nappy" but I feel like no one really "enforced" it in my life growing up.

    @Krystal-Renee: Please feel free! Thanks for your response!

  4. @Curly Film Chic & @Krystal-Renee
    I agree completely with you both completely... it's basically like "N" word... it'll never be a good thing truly, because I'm sure even the people who refer to their hair as "nappy" in a positive way, would be offended if anyone else told them they had nappy hair. I was offended when a guy I was talking to told me he loved my nappy hair, and he meant it only with great intent but I still wasn't having it.

    I've seen YouTube videos with non-black straight haired girls refering to their hair as nappy or saying things like "I got to brush my naps out." Since swag, and being cool, and hip hop culture is in right now, everyone wants to do what "we do"... clothing trends, rapping, slang, it's all tied together.

    I think (this is obviously my opinion) we need to stop holding on to the negative and creating ignorant double standards


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