Monday, October 1, 2012

1st Curlformer Set On My TWA

I FINALLY got the chance to borrow Curly Film Chick's Curlformers so I can try them out! 
Okay, I'm just going to get down to the nitty gritty:
The Install - I did not enjoy any part of installing these, at all! lol I know it was my first time doing it on myself, as I had done them for CFC when she first got them over a year ago, but for some reason, things were just not working for me.
It took me three hours, 2 snacks and few arm stretches to get through this set. I felt and heard my hair snagging at different times and I didn't like that, and everything just wasn't as easy for me as it was made to seem... I know, I just need to do it a few times to get the hang of it, but if I don't like it somewhat by the third try, Never Again!
I didn't want to try sleeping on the Curlformers just yet, so under the dryer I went to also get in my mani time :) 
I didn't calculate the time I was under the dryer, but I think 45 mins to an hour later, Curls! I did not enjoy the Curlformer take down either. My Verdict on the curls? 
Curls - Loved the curls! I definitely like it better for long hair, but in the meantime it's a cute little look for my TWA when I need a change from twist outs, roller sets, and even my own curls. As CFC had mentioned to me, they don't really get all of your ends straight if you have really curly hair like us, I could see that from the time my hair was in the roller, but I still love the outcome and they got my roots extremely straight... reminds of when I had a relaxer and would get those roller sets like this, lol. It was definitely cute and I'd like to see how I can manipulate it more in the future... and get the set to last! *Note to self, find good holding product to use with Curlformers!
I knew the set wasn't gonna last so I just threw my hair in a ponytail to sleep, and brushed it out the next day and wore my hair in 2 loose flat twists. 
Quick crazy story: I had on sunglasses while walking down a shady block, so naturally I did not see that I was walking through a swarm of gnats, until I felt the need to swat profusely. When I got to my destination I realized I had like 2 dead gnats in my hair (EEWW!!! FREAKED OUT) and realized they probably drowned in the oils in my hair, did some more freaking out while ripping the twists out and whipping my hair back and forth like a mad woman... which resulted in this look, lmfao. And I'm pretty sure I got all the gnats out too.

Have you used Curl Formers on your TWA? I also wouldn't mind hearing a few crazy natural hair stories! Send 'em in to!


  1. The set came out great! Your hair always looks beautiful..but girl...I think you're a little past the TWA phase. You have some hair!

  2. Lol @ Ms D, Thanks girl! You know I love to hear that but It definitely still feels like a TWA :( Maybe i need to make up something for us in between girls..

  3. I need a good holding product too. I've used Jane Carter wrap and roll. I was thinking of trying some kinky curly curling custard.

  4. @LaNeshe I remember using KCCC on Curly Film Chick when I did her first Curlformer set... i know it didn't last for her but you can ask of the results :)

  5. Love this article! Well balanced: lighthearted and full of good information!!!

  6. @Phenomenalhairstylist Thanks! Much appreciated.. I will take all of that into account to make my future posts as enjoyable!

  7. Wow it came out beautiful! But you have great success stying your hair majority of the time any way (it's only unsuccessful because you say so but looks great to me). You are no longer TWA!!!! Repeat- You are no longer TWA!!! Did you use setting lotion? Lotta Body used to be my fav.

  8. LMAO @ Ang! Okay okay, im moving on from the TWA now (i almost feel saddened... but nah!!!!) lol Thanks, did love the set, just not the labor... As for products... I will be doing a review on the products I used to stay tuned for that soon (Lacio Lacio Leave-in and Curls Gel Les'C


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