Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy (Natural Hair) Monday!

Good day YAIS readers!

So from last post on bouncing back I feel like I'm off to a good start. I was at my sister's in Massachusetts this weekend, and since she's natural I had no problems raiding her supplies to work on my hair. She teased that she'd run out of product because of how much hair I have (har har) but I actually didn't use a lot of her stuff. My hair was in box braids, and here's what I did Saturday night:

- Pre-treated (before I shampoo) my hair with Burt's Bee's Avocado Butter on damp hair for like 20 min
- Washed my hair with Renpure Organics My Hair Is Parched Shampoo (note: I used the conditioner a while back)
- Conditioned with TreSemme Naturals Conditioner - I also de-tangled my hair only using my fingers in the shower. I've been weary of combing my hair lately and my fingers work just as well. Just be sure to work from bottom to top and it works great!
- Rinsed out most of the TreSemme, but not all. It was a quick rinse. I then used Coconut Oil to seal in the moisture
- Used Eco-Styler Gel w/ Olive Oil to set my hair on curl formers for stretching.

I must say, Sunday my hair felt great. It was soft and silky and all the things I would like my hair to be all the time. The weather in New England was decent so I wrapped my hair in a bun and spent the day walking around Boston and walked across the water to Cambridge. When I got back to New York City last night I was exhausted so I didn't tie up my hair (for shame!) but this morning my hair still felt good - frizzy but still well moisturized. It's incredibly windy today so I decided to do a quick protective style - not sure what to call it exactly...

I flat-twisted the front of my hair (on both sides) and tucked my hair up in the back using bobby pins. It took my about 10 minutes to do, only because when I did this I didn't have a style in mind. It just turned into one. Probably would take 5 minutes to do next time. What do you guys think?

Hope everyone is doing well!

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