Sunday, July 24, 2011

Being Healthy is Not All About Hair

Confession time folks,

I've noticed that my hair lately has not been in top shape and I know that it's in direct correlation with my insides not being in the best of shape either. For the past month or so I was getting a little lazy with hair care and very lazy with my health. So of course I got really sick. Being sick is always a major indicator for me that it's time to take a break. As I am getting better I am looking at my hair and see that it's breaking, I've got single strand knots and splits and some parts are drier. I know right now I need a trim and some strengthening treatments, but before that I need to get my body and mind right. I need to eat a lot better, get some more sleep, and slow down a bit. I've already begun eliminating some stuff from my life that has been causing physical stress, and have been getting more sleep--I was constantly on less then six hours with thirteen plus hours a day of doing things, not cool! I'm also trying to stay hydrated and cutting out caffeine, (which I have no business drinking in the first place due to other health issues) and would like to go back to being active--my Y membership has been collecting dust. Anyway, this just serves as a reminder to folks that hair hair health should be included in the larger context of being healthy. No you don't have to go vegetarian or stop eating cupcakes, but do drink water, do eat fruits and veggies and foods that will give you nutrition and not just satisfy your hunger. And don't forget to focus on your mental health either! We often need to take the time to walk slow (even if you live in NYC!) and take a seat every once in a while.

I'll be updating on getting back on track with my hair and body health for the next couple of weeks. And for those who have suggestions of hair strengthening products, or products for health and fitness (if that makes sense) do leave a comment! I'd appreciate all the help at the moment.

Stay cool!

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  1. Healthy hair is the symbol of a healthy body. Hair care regimen is an important part as other daily chores. Our hair often misses the attention that we generally pay to our bodies by following a good balance of a wholesome diet filled with good nutrition and enough exercise to remain healthy and fit.


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