Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tips For the Naturals With Lots O'Hair

My co-blogger SP has really been reppin' the ladies with TWA with all her tips. I, Curly Film Chick, the one who has massive amounts of hair hasn't really tapped into what it's like to have all this hair and how to care for it. When I first started reading up on natural hair, I was desperate to find folks who had what I considered an "issue" at the time. Having a lot of hair, whether it's long or dense (or long AND dense) is another level of care. I want to share some tips that I hope are helpful to those of us who are at this level.

- in sections is best. I typically divide my hair into four sections and using the pads of my fingers I am able to effectively get to my scalp. Same applies to co-washing.
- with shampoo that has slip. If you're a natural like me who has a need for shampoo, then getting one that has some detangling power is helpful because your hair won't "mat" up. This is my reasoning for using Jessicurl Cleansing Cream and Curlicious Curls which helps me run my hands through my hair vs Giovanni Tea Tree that cleanses my scalp very well but is not moisturizing and tangles my hair a bit, which adds more time to detangling.
- with a non-moisturizing/slipless shampoo, I find that adding a detangling conditioner to your hair before rinsing out all the shampoo is very helpful in the detangling process.

Speaking of detangling....
- Fingers first! I always do this in sections before I even think of using a detangling tool.
- Use detangling tools that won't rip out your hair. I personally use a wide tooth comb, a denman brush and yes--a fine tooth comb but only for my ends when I'm braiding/twisting/rollersetting. It helps to keep my ends from tangling.
- detangle from the bottom to the top, or "tip" to "root" so that hair isn't ripped out, again in sections.

- put your hair in workable sections
- anticipate using more product then recommended - even with products that "using a little goes a long way." I have found the best way to deal with using products where the quantity matters greatly with the results is by using the recommended amount on even smaller sections.
- anticipate using more rollers then expected. I still get left hanging with curlformers because I know I do not have enough. Usually whenever I'm doing a style I end up having to use two different types of rollers to get desired results.
- use a styling tool (comb, brush, etc) to make sure there is even distribution of product

- DON'T forget about your scalp! I know sometimes it's buried underneath all the hair but that's no excuse not to tend to it.
- Search and Destroy method is helpful for getting rid or single-strand knots and random splits. The name is self-explanatory--look through your strands and snip out with hair trimming scissors/shears as you see them. Again, best done in sections.
-I can't stress it enough about how sectioning your hair is helpful. So I'm mentioning it again. Workable sections for you. I realize for me "halves" isn't enough, I need my hair in "fours."

I really only deal with my hair once a week. That's when I style/wash/deep treat and what not. It used to take me about 30 min to wash my hair, but now I've got it to 15 minutes so I'm happy. Other things to consider when you have a lot of hair: shedding like a cat and finding a good method to put your hair in a ponytail/bun. Hope these tips are helpful!

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