Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hair CRUSH!: Andre 3000

It's so funny to be writing this article because for me it's almost personal... well maybe it is personal. Funny thing is, in a way you can say that Curly Film Chic and I's relationship started because of Outkast (cutest, corniest memory ever), both of us expressing more feelings towards Andre 3000, even gifting each other handmade Outkast/Andre items like cards and notebooks back in high school...
I personally would say I have a crush on him, as I have always been attracted to individuality and I love his bold style and masculine, swaggerific charm. He may not be the "cookie cutter" of every girls version of a fyne man, but that gapped smile, skinny/muscular body, dimples, and Suave had me at Southernplayalisticcadillacfunkymusic.
When I was introduced to rap in junior high, I clung to Andre's slick and clever lyrics, keeping it real in a way that you could feel, laugh about; Ridiculing other rappers out there who were just talking nonsense. I fell in love with The Love Below and the versatility and newness of the sound, ranging from rap, to jazz, to classical, to R&B, to rock, I mean this guy is amazing! It's no wonder new artists like J.Cole and Drake have been sampling his songs and everybody wants "3 Stacks" on a collaboration these days! He has been acting in Major films such as their movie Idlewild, which further showcases his talents singing and playing the piano, Four Brothers, and as of lately, has his own spot in the new Gilette Masters of Style campaign..
I'm so proud of him = ) Go brotha!
 oh yeah.. his hair! lol Looks like he has grown it back now as he has hair in these Gilette ads and we all know he had cut off his beautiful coif at some point after the Hey Ya! video. Over the years his natural hair has reflected nothing but strength, health, fullness and versatility.. We've seen him braided up, fro'd out, blown out, flat ironed, rollerset...If it was cut it was perfectly coifed, or wavy, or side parted... I mean come on, who's doing this guy's hair?! It's like always perfect! (Yeah, I'm jealous, lol)
Andre with his adorable son Seven

I just had to throw in the Hey Ya! video because this has to be the most flowy, pressed natural hair ever! If you're not a fan of the music (which I couldn't understand) just enjoy the flow:)
Keep ya heart 3 stacks!


  1. There is something sexy about him though he wouldn't be thought of classically attractive. He is bold and confident and that is soooo sexy.

  2. Love 3 Stacks!!! His individuality is to be admired. You can tell that he does what he likes and doesn't care what anyone thinks.


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