Sunday, January 30, 2011

Perfect TWA Finger Coils & Coil Out

What Became of a Co-wash and boredom... I'm trying my best to further preserve my ends until i can trim them, now that i see that a trim is imperative. I cowashed with Organix Coconut Milk and decided not to rinse all of the conditioner out. Instead, i started separating pieces, finger detangling and finger coiling. I was just playing at first but it went pretty fast and before you know it i was almost done. I didnt use a comb for any parts, just tried to take sections with like amounts. This is not a style i would say that i particularly love but im looking forward to seeing what a coil out will look like... In the meantime, i guess this will just be a temporary protective style for me

So i have Hand In Hair syndrome so here goes my coil out :)
I didn't lift at the roots or anything, i just separated while i sat at the computer. I didn't use any oil on my fingers, just separated gently so as not to create too much frizz.
I will say, although i don't like how the coils and coil out looks on me, i do think the coils looked beautiful and the coil out even better! I think i will be trying coil outs when my hair gets longer and i can do larger coils :)


  1. Ur hair looks beautiful and shiny!

  2. Thanks! Although i dont love the style of coils and coil outs on me, i do love the silky shine!


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