Saturday, January 15, 2011

Naturals and Beautiful Glowing Skin

Living here in New York, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many other naturals around the city, and i might add that they are gorgeous! I have caught myself staring at some of the most beautiful naturals, and of all ages too, and i realize what it is that sets them apart, their skin!!!

I wish i had that beautiful, smooth, glowing sunkissed looking skin that a lot of naturals seem to have.
I was feeling somewhat like "yeah, i'm beautiful with my natural hair...but i dont look like that. These women are out here looking like Goddesses!"
It got me to thinking...... I've been doing all this research on my hair and all the love and care it needs, why haven't i taken the same time out for my skin? Im a major Junk-foodie with a bad diet and terrible skin to show for it; acne and eczema out the wazoo!
I am ready to change my eating habits and cleanse my body, so i guess i could also take a few lessons from my hair...

What would my hair tell my body?
*Go Organic! I've noticed a major change since using organic products in my hair, i could imagine my body would do the same
*Drink more water and excersize!
*Don't use too many products, especially not fragrant and heavily processed products!

So i did my research, and one thing i am trying is taking a shot of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, which is supposed to help with both eczema and acne from the inside out. Today is day 3 and i will say my skin seems smoother, softer, and my eczema isn't as itchy as it can usually be. I was having a bad eczema breakout on my elbow which looked to be spreading, which has almost completely smoothed over... I'm so happy because the ACV is actually working for me!!! Thank God cuz it tastes gross!!! Lol I chase it with like 3 huge spoonfuls of Apple sauce, lol. This is the one i'm taking :
If there is anyone out there struggling with skin issues, eczema specificially, here are some of the websites i rearched for natural/organic/holistic remedies:

So i guess i'm sort of starting a skin journey... i'll keep you updated on how that goes... lol


  1. Apple cidar vinegar is great! Have you heard of the oil cleansing method? What's your skin type? I have really oily skin, and surprisingly washing and mosturizing my skin with select oils has done wonders. Cleanser:castor,grapeseed,teatree oil moisturizer:teatree and grapeseed oil. You can google it and find the combo that works best for you if youre interested! Good luck:)

  2. Hey Retro, firstly let me say thank you!!!
    -If you are thinking about getting extension braids for the 1st time, just be sure to find a braider who doesnt braid too tight, especially around the edges and also one who wont rip your hair out
    -Secondly, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I stayed up all night reading through it and i must say, definitely a fave and you're a great writer.... you made me realize how much i need to get back into creative writing.
    - Thirdly (i should have just wrote u a post, lol) Thanks for the info on oil cleansing, and no, i have not heard of it... googling right now!!! lol
    I have combination skin so it's kind of hard to say, only oily on my face really, everywhere else is dry as the sahara, lol

  3. oh... and yes, did my research and running off to whole foods now to get my oils for the OCM!!! lol

  4. hey i have tried ACV in my hair not yet drinking though. Maybe i will try this so that i too can have beautiful skin, how much do you drink and once a day?

  5. @ Shabana I haven't tried an ACV rinse on myself yet but i plan to when i take these braids out
    As for the ACV it's working wonderfully and i'm taking 2 shots a day (i literally pour it in a shot glass). The person who's regimen i copy takes 3 tablespoons a day but that way you taste the ACV all in your mouth, with the shot glass i find you can just throw it back and you don't have to taste it as much (just my opinion but i'd take my advice cuz it's gross!, lol) I plan to do a follow up post on the ACV soon!


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