Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Natural Hair Magazine Talk Continued...

Singer Chrisette Michele

Remember my post about wishing there was some sort of natural hair magazine? I just came across an article on Coco and Cream asking when will natural hair take over the magazines. I read some of the comments to this article and one of them mentioned that it's the celebrity that sells the magazines and we don't have enough representation there either.

CurlyNikki has managed to interview some natural celebs including Chrisette Michele (pictured above) so obviously they are out there but I guess not much. What do you guys think would make a natural hair magazine successful? What would it need, besides showcasing natural styles? 


  1. I don't actully ready any hair magazines but when I do read magazines I usually see girls with pin straight hair and that's defined as being the way to be. If I were to ready a natural hair magazine there would have to be lots of pictures, homemade recipes, product reviews, hair style how-tos, and sections on why naturals went natural.

  2. I like those ideas, esp the home made recipes!


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