Monday, January 10, 2011

Banded TWA Puffs

Thought your hair was too short to wear a puff?!
When it comes to growing TWA's, we are always trying to fake it until we make it (In terms of length anyway). One way to do so is by wearing a puff, which can give the illusion of having a more ponytailable length of hair.
The First Set of Pictures are of a twist-out puff i did after taking out my straight back flat twists. I simply picked/lifted the roots to cover the parts, smoothed a little Aloe gel over my edges, then smoothed my headbands back, one by one.

In this second set of Pictures, my hair was freshly washed and blowdryed, as i was on my way to get my hair braided!!! I only added a little bit of my Vatika coconut oil, and again pushed my headbands back one by one. I used the multiple headbands to hold back the short lengths but depending on the length of your hair you can chose to use less, or even just one.

How do you fake length with your TWA?!


  1. What sort of handbands do you use?

  2. The thicker headband actually has like a non slip underneath thats also no snag and it's by Scuuni (I think that's how you spell it... i bought it at CVS :)

    The skinnier headbands i definitely dont remember the name for but i get them at the BSS, in a pack of like 10. They're always like $1.99 or $2.99.
    Both of these are cloth covered elastics and neither of them have metal attachments or anything that can snag the hair
    Hope that helps!

  3. I love it! Your hair is beautiful. I have not blow dried my hair since I went natural (11/2009) but I think am going to try it and do that puff. Nice post

  4. Thank you! I wish i could have held off that long but being a length fiend and wanting to let my white friends touch my hair over these holidays had me pulling out the blowdryer quick! lol
    When you do decide to blowdry im sure you'll have an amazing puff! Just don't forget your heat protector!!!


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