Friday, January 14, 2011

Extension Braids again...

So today makes one week having these braids in already and i'm hoping to keep them in for a month (i hope i can hold out that long)...

I got them done smaller this time than the last time i got my hair braided in hopes that this will help them last longer.
I plan to post a video on how i maintain my hair in these braids soon :)


  1. Very nice! I'm thinking of wearing some braid extensions for the first time...

  2. Thanks ladies! I'm loving them too... and even thinking of getting them done again right after i take these out! (if monies allow anyways...)

  3. I love your braids!! I just braided mine like this on Friday evening. My parts are a tad bit bigger than yours are now, so i'm thinking of re-braiding the perimeter and just halfing each braid to make two. But so far I love them!! How does the heaviness work for you? Was your hair ok upon take down? This is my first time ever having braids!


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