Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feeling a little frustrated...

So i'm not gonna beat around the bush, as much as i love my hair, i am sooo tired of having a TWA. Twist outs are great but im tired of always needing to twist, or to do as many twists, and having to go the extra mile to grip the shorter lengths. Although I know with length i will also have more hair to deal with, i feel like i've finally fully gotten the feel of what to do with my hair, what it likes, and at this point i think styling will just be so much easier with some length (for the looks i desire anyways). Also, im ready to join the ponytail world!!!! I wish i could just throw my hair in a ponytail or two if i'm  having a bad hair day instead of having to try and figure out what to do to look decent enough to walk outside. I actually got sick because i wore a wash and go during this crappy NY winter rainy weather, but i didnt know what else to do... I was really enjoying having my hair blowdryed, except for having to make sure to keep the shape all the time and dealing with different amounts of shrinkage with different textures. Whatever. I think it's time for me to go into a protective style so i'm going to do my own extension braids some time within the next 2 weeks which i will try to keep until the end of April.

Also, i feel like my hair isn't growing as fast as last year :(


  1. Hang it there! Length will be your friend before you know it! I we just about to suggest a protective style.... I'm getting some length at 7 months and it's definitely more work!

  2. aw really? but your hair has been looking great! Cheer up pa'tna your hair is awesome

  3. Yea, extensions will be a good chance to give your hair a break, and give you some length to play with for a while.

  4. aww thanks pals! @Juicesmomma - Yeah, i grew it much longer last year so i guess ive been teased a little by what more length can do and look like :) My fault for cutting it and its all a lesson learned and im ready for the extra work this time around :)
    @CFC, Thanks :) yeah it looks nice, but im just tired of having short hair now overall. you know i've had short hair for like EVER!!! lol
    @ LaNeshe- Thats what i figure... let it grow, let me not look at it or have to do anything to it! lol


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