Friday, January 21, 2011

High Bunned Braids

Today makes 2 weeks for me having these braids in already and they are still going strong! I did have to go and get a few replaced, as they slipped off cuz they're big braids and my hair is short.
 To sleep or around the house, i've been just throwing the braids up into a huge messy bun, and i realized how much i actually love that look! I sooo can't wait until i have hair (long hair anyway) so i can wear all of the styles i love that require lots of long hair with my own hair. I went out to meet up with a friend for dinner and drinks last night and decided a big bun was the way to go, because i love a sleek high fashion look. 

I bunned my hair up with 2 of my stretchy headbands, since a scrunchie wouldn't be large enough to hold the braids. As i bunned i made sure to tuck the ends in and under the scrunchie, and secured any pieces sticking out with a few push pins. I made sure i didn't pull the braids too taught, especially at the edges, so i then added a little aloe gel and smoothed my edges back with my fingers, tied my scarf around my head to hold them down while i brushed my teeth, then untied before leaving the casa and Voila! Braid Bun! lol

You like? I love!
Don't forget to have fun with your protective styles ladies!


  1. Thanks! This was my first time wearing them that way but i know im definitely gonna wear them like that again soon!

  2. Wow I love those too! You look gorgeous!

  3. Thanks Funbi! Im so flattered :D

  4. it is very cute in a high bun! i will have to try. thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks Melyssa! Im sooo late.. lol


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