Friday, January 28, 2011

Back to the Basics...

So i took my braids out Tuesday night because I've been kinda sick with a head cold that had my head so sensitive each braid felt like it weighed a ton!
I really wanted to keep these for another 2 weeks but at the same time I'm glad to have my hair and my head back!

1st thing out the braids, I detangled and was careful with removing dirt and shedded hairs, so as not to break my own hair. Once my hair was fully detangled I washed with Yes! To Carrots shampoo, rinsed and shook out the excess water to get ready to apply my Henna treatment! I LOOOVVVEEEE HENNA!!!!
I let the Henna sit for about 2 hours and then rinsed about 7 times with Suave Natural Coconut condish (the cheapie stuff), the last 2 rinses i used HEHH for a little extra conditioning and slip. Here's my hair a few minutes after rinsing out all of the Henna.
I put my hair in random twists and flat twists going in all directions, with the front twists twisted forward for more of a curly bang and all the others basically going outward from the middle of my head. I looovvveee my twist out actually and i'm totally loving my hair, and especially what Henna does for my hair. It really defines my curls and keeps my hair strong, not to mention i do like the little reddish tint that i get from it.
I used only my fingers to separate the twists coated with a little bit of Jojoba oil to prevent too much frizz. I separated and separated until my hair looked full enough to me and tried my best to lift at the roots with my pic to cover up the parts. This was one those perfect hair days for me, which always seems to happen on days when i'm just home in the house.
My hair did grow a bit but i'm going to wait to do my length check in February. Otherwise... i am going to need to trim sooner than later... so probably after my Feb length check because i do not want to keep these split ends and they get worse. My hair styles also don't look as good when i have split ends.

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