Thursday, September 9, 2010

Re-post: Would you try this?

So i came across this information while browsing through another blog i frequent called "Her Best Hair" , in her Avocado Update: Deep Condition post. Here is also the link to the blog she found it on: coconut oil blog.
(Please click on the links within the paragraph for more info)

What do you think about this method of "natural relaxing?"
I'm not a hair typer but i just wonder, for those who have hair in the 4 something category and want to stay natural, would they ever consider doing something like this to their hair?
I think i might try it... yay or nay people? Help me decide!


  1. Yes, I would try this but only because it looks like a great conditioning treatment; most of us naturals know how wonderful coconut oil is for our hair and I've heard great things about yogurt as well. The little girl's curls were nicely defined and appeared moisturized after the treatment, not "broken-down" the way the mother was say while she was applying the mixture.

  2. You're definitely right, although the girl who's blog i found the info on experienced extreme curl loosening, but her curls were much looser to begin with anyway. I tried it and it mostly just helped to define my curls. I'll pos about it soon! :)


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