Sunday, January 23, 2011

Deep Conditioning With Banana

Hey everyone!

So I didn't post about the way I styled my braids because honestly, I didn't have time to do much to them. I kept the front half of my hair down and in my face and then the back pulled up in a ponytail or tucked under something like this...

And remember how I said I would keep them in till the end of the month? Well I have an "event" of some sort next weekend and realized I would not really have time to take out my hair and do what I need to do. Plus I'm still paranoid about keeping my hair from breaking and keeping moisture, and noticed my dark roots are about an inch (and since I got it hi-lighted around this time in November I've concluded my hair grows the average 1/2 inch a month, whether I retained that inch I'm not sure).

So I took them out yesterday. I mean I did do two weeks so I think that's an accomplishment for me.

Cousin It! lol
I did my own mix for a deep conditioner by the way. I used a very ripe banana (which is supposed to be great for colored or dry hair), extra virgin olive oil, coconut milk and raw honey and tossed it in my blender. I did this treatment for the first time about 3 summers ago and loved it, but forgot about it till recently. After washing my hair with Curlicious Curls shampoo, I put the DC in my hair and covered it with a plastic bag for about 10 minutes while in the shower. I personally think I may have used too much olive oil because of the way my hair feels, but overall it felt great and my curls were very defined.

Defined, moisturized curls with the banana DC
I now have my hair set in bantu knots, and I plan to take them out tomorrow. Stay tuned (for real this time) for how the set comes out!

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