Sunday, January 23, 2011

Still readjusting goals...

I've been in these braids for 2 weeks and already thinking of what to do with my hair when i take them out, as i'm also eager to see the growth. I know 2 weeks won't give me much growth, but an 1/8th of an inch will open up new style options for a twa sometimes, every bit counts! :) 
Looking back at photos i had taken over  the of span last year, I realized that since i had done so much to my hair between dying and cutting, and I hadn't readjusted my 1 year anniversary. I guess i could say i had like 4 anniversary's.... lol

* Halloween 2009 I applied my last relaxer, so this Halloween 2010 was my 1 year natural (relaxer free) anniversary

* In March of 2010, I cut off all the relaxed ends and started wearing my  own natural hair (i had been transitioning in weaves), so this March 2011 will make 1 year of me wearing my natural hair

* April 29th 2010 I dyed my hair for the last time, so with all the color chopped off already, this April 29th will make exactly a year since i've been growing this 100% natural, no relaxer, no dye hair and i have to say it's the best hair i've ever had!

That being said...
I do need a trim.
I plan to trim with either the new or full moons this year so according to the calendar and me wanting to see what one full year of growth with no trimming/cutting or processing looks like, i plan to trim my hair on May 3rd, 2011. I hope i can make it that long... 4 more months without trimming (i need to join Shears Anonymous)!!! I seem to be on track with growing about half an inch per month, so i can't wait to see what 6 inches of Fro looks like on me again... I haven't seen that since...
(6th grade class photo)
Umm... yeah. Lol

Any of you TWA ladies end up having to readjust your hair goals because you dyed/cut/permed your hair again or damaged it in some way? Need help? Ask me, I've been through it all!

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