Thursday, September 20, 2012

Recent Purchase: Curls Cashmere Jelly

 Remember earlier in the summer when I posted about Curls latest product, Cashmere Jelly? I didn't like the wording of "turn your kinks to curls" because it seems very misleading for reasons I stated in that post. Ignoring that annoying tagline, I decided to place an order for the product because I have been curious to try it. They are having a 35% off sale (enter BLOWOUT at checkout) until midnight tonight, so this seems to be the perfect time. From the description of the product, I'm hoping to have defined and fluffy braid-outs.

I also bought the Champagne & Caviar Curl Elixir which promises to strengthen hair, which is something I definitely need to focus on as the cool weather approaches.

There doesn't seem to many reviews on these products, so if any of you have tried please let me know what you think!

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