Friday, July 16, 2010

TWA Wash n Go Curly Fro

So today i wanted the afro look without the actual afro so i went with the wash-n-go curly fro!
Wearing an afro can be very drying to my ends so i try not to wear them too often, even though i have now grown to love mine. 
I decided i wanted my wash n go to be a little larger than usual, so i co-washed in the shower with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, rinsed and shook my hair out to remove excess water and make my curls stand up. I then added equal amounts of these guys:
Let air dry for a bit, then used a pik to LIFT the roots only! do not comb through to the end of the hair if you want to leave your curls in tact at the ends. You can lift and shape your hair the way you would like it. Also, i did this while my hair was still damp. I know it will shrink so i will use the pik to lift it again once it dries.


  1. I'm considering revisiting the Be Curly line actually. I wanted to make a comparison between Aveda's and Kinky Curly...

  2. that would be a great comparison actually
    2 natural products with much different ingredients
    i think Kinky Curly is more for "our" curly hair and Be Curly is a little more general and can work better on Caucasian and/or mixed hair types
    just my opinion though
    i used to use Be Curly a lot when i had a twa back in 08' and i would say i loved it but i would need to try it again now that i have more hair

  3. Yeah, I tried Be Curly when I had no idea what I was doing lol. Gonna give it a go soon then...

  4. ohh yes! lets do it together! :)


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