Sunday, July 18, 2010

On Trimming

Okay trim or not to trim? I hear some of ya'll don't think it's necessary and some of ya'll do. Some say you don't do it because you don't wear your hair straight. Others say you do because you want to keep the hair's shape...

I personally used to have my hair trimmed (or trimmed my own hair) because I had some heat damage and crazy split ends. So when I ran my hands through my curls I heard snap, crackle, pop. My last drastic trim was last November or December, because I really was sick and tired of my hair being tangly and fragile. I neglected my ends, which are the oldest part of the hair and lost nearly two inches but they were the best two inches I ever lost. My hair became smoother and easier to detangle.

I realize that my ends need dusting every three months or so. I get these damn single-strand knots ("fairy knots") so when ever I am arbitrarily touching my loose hair and feel or see a knot, I reach for my trimming scissors and snip them off. I know that I still have some splits because a the last couple of months of my college semester was so terrible stressful and I ignored my hair. Trimming, at this point is necessary for me because I do like the option of wearing my hair straight. Although I have no desire to do so right now (probably won't till November-December) I still need to be able to run my hand through my hair without snapping and I'm still learning to manage my ends.

So what's the verdict for you guys? To trim or not?


  1. If there's damage; split ends, heat damage, then definitely.... It will not getting better without giving it any attention. Plus those sorts of damage are irreversable.

    But if your ends are cool theres no need really. Especially if you want to retain length...

  2. Yeah, hopefully I get to that point where I won't need to trim. Taking care of your ends are so important!

  3. i say trim, ONLY when necessary, and don't damage it to make the time in between trims longer. For me, thats every 6 months. I will trim 1/2 off(or however much is needed) twice a year.


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