Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Relaxers Vs. Naturals II


  Naturals II

Im tired of hearing the different reasons why people don't/can't go natural and of course i've heard it all:

  • "It takes too much time!"  ~   But they'll go sit in a salon for 3-5 hours just to have someone else wash and roller set/blow out their hair.
  • "My hair is too nappy"    ~    Says who? And when was the last time you've even seen your natural hair?
  • "I don't have good hair like yours. It's not a nice curly/wavy texture."   ~    Don't compare your hair to someone else's. Learn to love and care for your hair for what it is. Why wouldn't your own hair be good enough for you?
  • "I'm not pretty enough to wear that kind of hair. I'll look like a boy."   ~   If you feel like you're not pretty enough, it's sad that straight hair is what makes you feel pretty. Maybe you should work on your self esteem and going natural might teach you a thing or two.There are so many different ways to wear natural hair, if you don't want to look like a boy, then wear feminine hairstyles.
  • "I work in a corporate office, i can't go to work with my hair like that."   ~   That is not true. I can understand where you are coming from but i have seen a lot of women with natural hair and their hair always looks beautiful in twist-outs, braid outs, buns, and updo's. I can maybe understand not wanting to wear an afro into the office because that is just a lot of attention but there are many styling options with natural hair that many choose to ignore or not take the time to learn about.
  • "My man doesn't like that." or "Men aren't going to want me."  ~  If a man doesn't want you because you have natural hair, he is not worth your time. If anyone isn't able to love you for you then why would you still even consider them?
Now these are just some of the many responses i've gotten when suggesting to someone that they should go natural and just the way i feel about them. 
People do whatever they want to do. People are conscious beings, and unless something is medically wrong with you, you make your own decisions and do whatever you want, even if you know it means consequences. 

And with this, people continue to deal with the consequences of being constantly chemically burned by relaxers, and burned with hot blowdryers, pressing combs, curling irons and flatirons just  to keep an excuse of why going natural is bad or not for them.

Now i know these things don't happen to everyone all the time, especially if they have the same hairstylist for a while or do their hair for themselves but these things do happen. 
I am in no way against perms, as i have been relaxed on and off an average of every 4 years of my life. 
What i will say is, please do not make excuses as to why you won't go natural, if you don't want one, just say you don't want one, there's no reasons to put naturals in a bad light. 

There are many great things to enjoy about being both relaxed and natural.
I know that as being relaxed isn't for everyone, some people think being natural isn't for them either. 
My thing is, you should love the hair you have and the hair you were born with, then if you decide you want to try some different style options, try a relaxer or texturizer.
 Try it because you want a change or to try something different, not because you hate your hair or its not good enough to be in its natural state.

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