Friday, July 9, 2010


I feel like every time i pass by some cute accessories these days, its not me but my hair who needs it. 

I'm always thinking like "ooh! these would look so cute with my fro!" or "these look so good with my hair," it's never about me anymore. Lol

I personally think  it's important as a natural to make sure you look your best, whatever your style and best is for you. I think in this day and age, when your hair is natural you really represent for all naturals out  there and i want to make sure i'm a good representation. I want people to realize just because your hair is natural doesn't mean you are becoming particularly "afro-centric" or that you have to look homely all the time and we do shave  our armpits ....
I say  this because i heard a few people say that they think most women who have natural hair don't shave. Some people shave, some people don't, textured hair or not...idiots. Anyhooo.... moving on...  Lol

A lot of women think that when you go natural you can't look dressy/ fancy or very well put together, or they can't get a corporate job or they will be less desirable to men or blah blah blah blah blah
In my opinion, people will do whatever they want to do, so if they wanted to have natural hair, they wouldn't let it hold them back from any of those things. And especially for women who don't want to have natural hair because they think men won't like it, i think they need to get their priorities straight because if a man won't accept you with your own natural hair, then he isn't the one for you.

Okay... Off topic again! Get it together SP.... Accessories, right....
My Bad.
So i've definitely been keeping an eye for accessories a lot more now, which unfortunately has led to a bit of shopping. I decided to take a few pics of some of what i got! :

  1. Flower and decorative rings
  2. suede feather earrings
  3. Peacock headband
  4. red,black,green chain earrings (picked out by my SO)
  5. Heart earrings @ the BK museum
  6. Gold Necklace
  7. Black Heart studs
  8. Black and gold drop earrings
  9. Ivory flower earrings
  10. Tortoise shell sunglasses
  11. Leather and snakeskin gold lighting bolt earrings
  12. 2 finger chain rings and 2 finger 3star ring
  13. Flower hair pin

So keep it classy ladies and remember to rep' the natural right!


  1. I'm loving the earrings. Where do you get your accessories from?

  2. Everywhere!!!! LOL
    i am an accessory hunter so i buy accessories everywhere
    The accessories in this post are from different street vendors all over the city, and some from Aldo and H&M =)


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