Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Twists Remix

So basically, what I do is braid sections of my twisted hair to make it wavy. I like the way it looks, it gives the twists an extra "umph" in my opinion. I moisturized my hair with aloe vera gel, Oyin Whipped Pudding and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to seal.



The combination of products I used were quite moisturizing by the way. I'm heading to the mountains upstate tomorrow so hopefully the hair will be able to stand the random conditions for the weekend. Depending on how they hold up will depend if I leave them in for the 8-12 days I had planned.

I'll be back to report and have fun with SP and her Majesty for a few days.  Peace!!

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  1. <3 it!!! i see you turned the Macro on too!
    Enjoy the Vaca!


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