Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Majesty and her Textures Galore and Opinions on "Hair Typing"

When i decided to go natural for this last time, i had no idea what i was getting myself into in terms of textures. I started seeing this beautiful wavy pattern on top but my sides were always rough and i didn't appreciate it. I thought it was something i was doing wrong, that my sides were just dry and not as soft and wavy as the hair on top.                                                                        Then while going through different hair forums and blogs, i realized that i was not the only person with this "problem." I never took the time to realize how many people also had multiple hair textures, and from there, i started trying to understand and embrace each different hair texture for what it is. 
Curly film chick and i are not really into hair typing because we feel it boxes our hair into a small category. Our hair goes from such a wide range of straight hair,curl and wave patterns, and textures that it seems hair typing, especially with its limited categories is a bit inadequate.  I tried finding a chart so i could find an example but they all seemed a bit absurd to me, especially being that the person who made the chart isn't even a credible source and most of the girls in the photos have a twist out/set or thermal styling (using any hot tools to style the hair). It isn't even their real curl or the afros are wigs and weaves, why would i want to go off of that?                    That being said, I do sometimes try to figure out what my hair types would be if i were using the hair typing method just to learn a few things when i see people with similar hair textures to mine. Now that i am growing my hair out, i am wondering how my textures will hang and i am especially anxious to see how my hair will hang as it gets longer.
These photos are from a few days after i retired the relaxed ends on March 14th, and the photos below are from yesterday after a co-wash. As you can see i basically have a mohawk of looser curls with tighter curls going down the sides of the edges. My loosest curls are at my nape and crown, these are mostly waves actually. My hair has also thickened out a lot since starting to really care for it, especially since i stopped combing it and just started finger detangling during co-washes. Now I only comb when i have an afro and use a pik. Some quick length checks, why not? =D

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  1. Hair typing is confusing - I mean I can see some helpfulness but it's just so confusing. I'm tryin to find out what hair type I am at the moment, just for curiosity sake....


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