Thursday, July 8, 2010


I love huge Afro's and I can't wait until the day my 'fro looks like this :

Until then.... i decided not to co-wash (washing with conditioner only) my hair yesterday. Instead  I twisted it into a few big twists to stretch it out while i showered. I was getting ready to pick it out :)

(Please don't pay attention to my messy room and huge roots!
"What? it's laundry day!" - Brenda in Scary Movie
I was super happy while twisting my hair though because i realized that i could get all my hair into 6 big twists, while before my hair wasn't long enough and had to go into 8 or more twists.

So, while picking my hair out, i started feeling like my afro just wasn't big enough, like shrinkage was taking over..... so i blow dried it!!! Yes, i broke down and blew it out and fell in love with my fro even more!!! I didn't even notice but she has grown so much! This was the first time blowing out her majesty, but she felt good, especially since i sprayed her with my CHI 44 Iron Guard heat protector spray before blowing her out.
This was my afro on 6/21:
This was my afro yesterday:

Lovin' it!!!!!!

I love wearing an afro, although i only wear them for a day or two probably every other week. I find that wearing an afro can be very drying so i don't wear one often but when i do, i make sure to constantly moisturize.
 I also don't like combing my hair because i hate feeling like i'm damaging my hair by ripping through knots and tangles. I usually take my time and finger detangle my hair in the shower with conditioner so i never rip any hair out or cause split ends.
 Since going natural, my hair has thickened out immensely and when i pik it out, there is very minimal shedding.


  1. I <3 your fro. no more twa blues for you mkay? lol

  2. nope, no more blues for me =)
    i'm learning to appreciate her for what she is and what she can do at each different length and stage in her growth


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