Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TWA Afro Formal

Who says the "natural" can't be formal?
Funny that Curly Film Chick just posted on wearing natural hair to formal occasions and i planned on doing the same thing; I guess great minds think alike =)

This past Saturday, Big Chocolate and I attended my mother's 30 year high school reunion with her.
During the past week i had been contemplating different ways to wear my hair to the reunion, especially since it was my first formal event with a TWA. I contemplated many different things; from trying a twist out, to flat ironing, to roller setting, to even saying i was just going to buy a wig.
Then i realized that i had a grown a good amount of hair and wondered why i felt it wasn't good enough for a formal event.

When i saw Curly Film Chick's graduation picture i fell in love. I remember when i graduated from high school and i still had natural hair, i didn't think there was any way i could possibly wear my natural hair with my cap... how would it fit? would it stick up? would it look weird? if i took it off, would my hair be a mess?

I was definitely the only natural in my graduating class and i was terrified of looking terrible with my natural hair, so i stayed up the night before to sew in a straight weave that my cap would surely fit onto...
I didn't want to be that girl again but time was pressing on and i still had no clue of how i wanted to wear my hair. 

While accessory shopping last week, buying different things to go with my dress, i sported my 'fro which received many compliments and amazed stares.  Upon buying all of my accessories i needed to go with my dress, i went home to try everything on together. Once i looked in the mirror i knew i had to wear my afro <3


  1. you're really rocking your hair, I wanna be like you lol.

  2. Sorry i'm so late with the reply but THANK YOU!!!! =D


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