Friday, July 9, 2010

Hair Goals

Lately, I been thinking about exactly what I want to do with my hair. What is the purpose of me growing it out and what do I plan on doing it?

Length: Looking back at my childhood photos, I realized my hair was shoulder length, and sometimes slightly longer. As a teen, the longest length I had in my signature boxbraids was arm pit length. Over the years my hair broke off, had to cut out heat damage and haggard ends, and now I am consciously trying to see how long I can grow my hair. My hair naturally grows in layers, so the back (is it called the nape?) is inbetween shoulder length and arm pit length. The front is probably between necklength and collarbone. I think I may want it to be mid-back length, but also I want my hair to be full shoulder length. Hopefully all my layers will catch up

Styling: I've never been to a salon (except to the Aveda salon, where SP was a student at the time and she did my hair) and my goal is to never have to set foot in one. I've heard too many horror stories about stylists not listening to their client and thinking they know better than you do and what not. I'm getting to know my hair and I know what it likes, so if someone told me no I'd flip. That's okay, I'll just do my own hair or have SP do it since she is the only person who has ever listened to not be intimidated by my mane . So anyway, I plan mastering styles on my hair.

Taking Care of Me: Embracing my hair actually taught me to embrace all parts of me. I had serious self-esteem issues and once I started loving my hair, I started loving myself a whole lot more! In general, I'm probably a medium-low maintance person but I've never loved myself as much as I do now. I'm careful what I put in my hair and I'm careful what I put in my body. I am careful with who I allow to touch my hair and careful who I allow to be around me. I have more pride in who I am and am not ashamed. I think the relationship between women of color and hair is so complex and interesting. It may be "just hair" for some, but for others it really dictates a lot. Hair is becoming just hair for me now because I have accepted it for myself. It may take others a while until they reach that.

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