Monday, July 12, 2010

Hair Day (and trying Curlformers)

I usually wash and style my hair once a week, either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, depending how busy I am. Yesterday (Sunday) I decided to make my wash day because I had time to myself with no one in the house.

My tangled hair, formerly in twists

Giovanni Shampoo, Knot Today (to detangle and leave-in) Renpure Organics (deep condition for 1hr)

Freshly washed, deep conditioned, and detangled hair.

Now lately, the heat has forced me to become apart of the "no-hair-near-the-face" variety, so I've been flat twisting the front of my hair. I used Kinky Curly Knot Today as the leave in. Usually I will do single twists in the back of my hair but I decided to switch it up and try Long and Wide Curlformers. They are just a different type of rollers, a bit easier to put in (in my opinion) then magnetic rollers or flexi rods. You do have to be careful with the hook that comes with it because it can pull the hair out...

Curlformers and flat twists

I set the curlformers with Jane Carter Solutions Wrap and Roll (which I will review later) and let them air dry because I really did not feel like sitting under my hooded dryer in the heat, although based on my results I'm wondering if I should have to set them better...

I actually didn't like it all that much because those weren't the results I was looking for. Curl formers give you a spiral type curl. I know it can be done on my hair because SP and I experimented with them before and I saw the spirals and it's nice. (Although our set didn't quite come out entirely well because we ran out of curlformers and my hair wasn't all the way dry!) Not all has been lost though. This was a good way to stretch my hair out and keep my ends from tangling and I will probably just twist the back like usual and continue to wear my protective style for the week and probably try curlforming next wash day.


  1. Nice results for not sitting under a dryer but i think that might get you the best results. How's the renpure btw?

  2. It still looks good even if it isn't spirals. Are they uncomfortable at all?

  3. @sp: renpure is awesome, I must review
    @beautifulms: they are a tad more comfortable than traditional rollers. I'm gonna do another post about them to explain more...


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