Monday, July 26, 2010

Hair For the Week: Double Strand Twists

I haven't done this in months! I literally just finished this set. I love twists because of how versatile they are and how I don't have to touch my hair for how ever long I leave them in (between 1.5-2 weeks)
*I did my wash routine on Fri, but then co-washed my hair early Sunday morning
*Put my hair in two braids to dry
*sectioned my hair into four, worked from the back to the front
*did not use a comb and did not really part. I really just used my fingers to gently detangle and part
*Moisturized each section with aloe vera gel and Oyin Whipped Pudding (which is a shea butter mix)
*I braid the roots and then twist the rest of the hair
*Sealed twists with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I actually don't leave my twists like this because I like them to be curly. I'll post how I actually wear them later.

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