Monday, August 2, 2010

Back From the Moutains

Happy Monday Hair Enthusiasts!

I'm back in the city and pretty exhausted. I was up in the mountains in NY near the Canadian Border (even got stopped by Border Patrol!) and it wasn't warm. I think the highest temperature it reached was 60 degrees but was regularly at 40. Remember that here in NYC it's been 80 and up.

Saranec Lake, NY

Somewhere in Lake Placid

I kept my hair in the twists, and remembered why I need to wash my hair every 5-7 days...for the sake of my scalp. The temperature change really made my scalp itch beyond belief, I already suffer from scalp issues and get these gross dry patches especially in the front of my head. And then because of the colder temps, wind, and morning dew my hair got a little frizzy.

In the moutains...

In Albany

I moisturized my hair with aloe vera gel, whipped pudding and coconut oil which which I think really kept the hair from frizzing as much as it could've. I kept my hair in high ponytails and buns most of the time because I don't like hair in my face. By the time I got to Albany, NY the temps were about 70 but it was rainy and my hair still frizzed up a bit. Anyway, I'm really glad that I did not wear my hair loose because of how unpredictable the weather was. Overall, my hair doesn't feel dry because I moisturized it daily. Today I plan on doing my routine to sooth my scalp because I hate feeling like it's on fire!

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