Monday, October 24, 2011

Natural @ Wilhelmina

I don't know if I've yet to, or when was the last time I updated my employment status, but I am no longer working at the Scott J. Aveda salon. My heart was never into the salon environment, especially the fast paced high end salon environment of New York. People working as though it's a hair factory, on 1/2 hour or 45 minute time blocks, depending on the clients length, textures, and desires. In my opinion there are a lot of hair types out there that require more time with  most processes, aside from just the simple task of detangling, which while rushing can lead to a calamity of issues for your tresses, breakage and split ends to name a few. Long story short, I went back to doing editorial full time. I also finally started my own website so click here to check it out. In my latest ventures back into full time editorial and making the choice to be committed to staying a freelance artist, I was offered an opportunity to interview at Wilhelmina ... so yeah... I start tomorrow! I'm so excited and I had to come and share with you all because I have a new challenge:
High Fashion Natural TWA Styles!
I'm exicted to put my creativity to the test when it comes to my hair, to be professional and represent natural hair to the fashion community right! Walking through Wilhelmina to interview I didn't see any noticeably natural heads anywhere in the agency so I was a little nervous. So much so that I even thought of giving myself a weave... but then a comment was made to me that I was hired that way so they probably liked me with my natural hair... TRUE. Why didn't I think of that? Lol 
This will most definitely be a challenge for me but I'm ready and I plan to look Damn Good! lol (Let me calm my sassy pants down) Something tells me to stick to twist outs, so I rinsed my hair blue/black again last night and did my six, side parted two strand flat twists. I let them dry while I slept and wore them all day today with intentions to take them out tomorrow. I want to try something new too... Before I take the twists out, I want to saran wrap them and sit under  the dryer for about 10 minutes and see if it makes the twist out set come out a little smoother or silkier or something...
I'm so excited for these new developments... stay tuned for outfit, makeup and hair posts!

Do you all have any Corporate/Conservative/High Fashion natural TWAstyle ideas for me? Whether it's words, a link, a photo, a video, or a sketch, please send it my way, it will be gladly appreciated!


  1. I'm sorry I don't have any ideas to send your way. I'm working on an updo video, once I do it, I'll post it here to see if it helps you. But other than that, I bet you will ROCK it. It's so exciting that you are starting such an amazing job! I definitely look forward to seeing the pics of the hair and wardrobe!

  2. Oh, and I'm glad you are not weaving it up. I personally find that standing out is GOOD when in a competitive environment. Stand out by being yourself, and deliver good work, and they'll LOVE you!

  3. Congrats on the new job. I work in the a pretty corporate place and twist-outs are my best friend. Also I do a tuck and rolls to make a very neat puff.

  4. Congratulations! you're young and a fashionista, you will think of something grand! I fnally started incorporating hair combs in my daily style... head bands are on hiatus for a while. Twist outs are my go to styles.


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