Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Question: Your Hair As a Kid

Looking back at old pictures, I noticed that for ages 2 and younger I had a couple of hairstyles on rotation. One was where my hair was finger curled using water (and probably some sort of hair lotion) and another was "barrett bangs" where my bangs were braided or twisted and clipped with a barrett. 

I was born with a head full of hair; there's this picture of me when I was two where my father thought it was a great idea to capture my mother combing it out while I'm clearly crying my eyes out - but my hair  is a big fro. I hope to keep the picture buried in the archives LOL!

Anyway YAIS readers, how was your hair styled as a kid? Did you have a bunch of hair adorned with bows and barretts? Let us know! And if you'd like us to post your childhood hairstyles, send to us at

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