Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hair Crush: Viola Davis

I was reading InStyle Magazine's October issue yesterday and saw spotted Viola Davis with her beautiful low-cut fro. Instantly I got so excited. Not only does she look really great in the pictures, but the article discussing her choice to become an actress, the roles she had to play, and being vocal about seeing more dark skin actresses in roles made me equally happy (wouldn't it have been amazing if she made the cover??)

I've always liked Ms. Davis; before The Help I saw her on episodes of Law & Order - she was the lawyer the prosecution was always afraid of because of how well she defended her clients. I also saw her on The United States of Tara where she had a re-occurring role as an artist Tara befriended. These days she's getting so much appreciation, especially from the natural community for ditching the wigs and letting her fro out!

I have to add how much I love her hair color too. She looks amazing!

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