Sunday, September 2, 2012

Silk Wrapped Twist Out on Blown Out SL TWA

 I blew my hair out 2 days ago to dust my ends with the full moon on August 31st and didn't know what to do with my hair from there. I had thrown my hair into 2 braids to sleep and the next day, with surprise news of going out that night, I quickly needed to figure out something to do with my hair. 

There's a girl who works in the Crumbs Bakeshop around the corner from me who is always sporting an amazing chunky twist out on blown out hair, so I figured I'd use her as my inspiration and do some 2 strand twists on my blown out hair. I used a little Murray's Cream Beeswax to twist my hair, and decided to saran wrap my twists since I wouldn't have the overnight time for my twist out to set. I sat under the dryer for about 7 mins and removed and fluffed my twists before heading out the door. 

I have to say, I really felt like I had one of the best hair nights of my life last night, lol. I really loved my hair and I couldn't stop staring at it or keep my hands out of it. I definitely think my hair came out better since I decided to try saran wrapping my twists. It seemed to give my hair the hold it needed at the last minute, plus added to the silkiness and overall shine of my twist out. I will definitely be trying this with my twists again!

My hair was soft, supple, bouncy, flowy, and all mine! I'm so proud of how my hair is growing out, so I'm just doing my best to care for it, as I continue my lifestyle of daily styling.

Have you tried silk wrapping your braids or twists? How'd you like the outcome?!
And yes, I guess I'm  claiming shoulder length :) :::takes it and runs!:::

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