Monday, September 10, 2012

Today's Hair: Curly Fro

So I'm pretty excited at the unexpected results of today's hair. Yesterday's Sunday Question brought up a small discussion on ideas we have for our Fall hairstyles and I mentioned I wanted to still rock fluffy hair and high buns like I was during the summer - except I won't be walking out the house with wet hair and it will definitely be stretched out.

Yesterday I washed with Yes to Cucumbers and deep conditioned using a new product I'm experimenting with, La Plancha Deep Conditioning Treatment (I'll give a full review later this week). Next I used Lacio Lacio as my leave-in and a little John Frieda Ease Straight Fixation Smooth Creme (both of which I've used earlier this summer) and set my hair on flexi-rods. After a few hours of air-drying I took my hair down (even thought it was still a little damp) and put my hair into four big twists and tucked them in with bobby-pins to sleep in. This morning I took down the twists and I had a curly fro!

It's very windy today so I pulled my hair back very loosely, but I really wanted to wear my hair to work just like the first picture, as messy as it looks. I'm sure you can get the same results doing a bantu-knot out too. I'm still feeling really good about this look and will definitely be adding this to my "fall hair." What do you guys think?


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