Friday, September 7, 2012

In The City: Desert at Coolhaus!

A few weeks ago I was having a "triple couple's brunch" in Brooklyn. After laughing it up and enjoying some food, mimosas and the company it was decided we needed desert, but it had to be something with ice-cream. My friend suggested Coolhaus, a truck stationed in various parts of the city where they put a hunk of ice-cream between two cookies. This isn't your average ice-cream sandwich you get in the frozen food aisle in the supermarkets. First off you choose the ice-cream flavor you want (depending on what's on the menu for the truck that day), and then you choose your scrumptious cookie. They even have vegan and gluten free choices!
For my treat, I chose a s'mores cookie with Tahitian Vanilla ice-cream. And did I mention that the paper they wrap your cookie in is edible? No ice-cream dripping on a messy paper napkin. I've already gotten two of my co-workers addicted. We checked the schedule and realize they will be in Union Square on Monday so we're treating ourselves!

Their trucks are located at various parts of the cities they serve which looks like New York, Miami, Dallas, and L.A. Follow them on twitter for news of their locations!

Have any of you tried Coolhaus?


  1. Looks good! Maybe when they're by Union Sq one day I'll indulge!

  2. They were there today, just went and got some =)


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