Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little TWA Buns on Stretched hair

I've been trying to incorporate more scalp massaging into my regimen to hopefully increase my growth a bit, so I decided the easiest way to do this, would be by wearing my hair in buns. I figured, if I wore a bun I could always take it down at night, moisturize and massage my scalp daily and put my hair right back in my little buns, perfect! I wanted to keep my hair really stretched for this regimen, as I'm always afraid of tangling when it comes to scalp massaging... the thought of rubbing in cirlcles with my hair that tangles ever so easily is so scary to me. lol Last week I rollerset my hair then pulled  it back into a ponytail, and this week I blowdryed and lightly passed the flat iron just once. I've been home nursing my sick puppy, so I haven't been trying to look cute, just wearing the buns braided an tucked up. I wanted to include a photo of my little ponytail/braid hangtime! AAEEOOWW! lol
I had to run to the store really quick so i decided to just roll the braid up and pin, which I think turned out kind of cute, I just definitely wouldn't wear the white scrunchie and blue clip if I had anywhere significant to go (getting in touch with my Haitian roots, lol)
This bun was done on yesterday's lightly flatironed hair, pulled back with a (supposed to be) middle part. I really love middle parts on low ponytails/ buns.

I will be sticking to this regimen for the next week or two, or until I get bored of buns and decide to protective style or rock a few twist/braid outs. I've been slicking my buns back with a brush and a little Jamaican Black Castor oil, trying to kind of follow my mom's regimen.  I realized while in conversation with Curly Film Chic last night, that I really hadn't done much to my hair for the summer, I wore a lot of buns and called it a day, and I've still been retaining length, so I'm hoping the addition of scalp massages and Jamaican Black Castor Oil will be good for something :) Oh! And I almost forgot, CFC is supposed to let me borrow her Curlformers next week so I'll get to try those for the first time, Oh joy! lol

Buns? Borings or Funs?

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