Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Color Relapse and the perfect twist-out formula

 Okay... so i know i went through the whole cutting my hair off because it was color damaged last year, but i dyed my hair like a million times in a short period of time last year and I can't live without color!!!!
I realize that probably for the rest of my life I will be addicted to color, so instead of fighting it, im just going to make good, sure choices about my color and take very good care of my color treated hair with loads of deep conditioning and the whole 9... I will no longer deprive myself of color because I know I will always relapse, so as with everything, I will color with moderation.
These pictures are crappy iPhoto and BlackBerry photos so they don't show the true color of my hair  but you can see that it's a little lighter and a lot brighter.. and how amazing my twist out looks!!! I wish you all (had to fight the temptation to write 'yall') could just reach in and feel how incredibly soft my hair is. This is a twist out from 5 flat twists i did last night, taken out, separated and fluffed with loads of Shea oil this morning. Not to mention, i started a new reggie of stretching my twist outs a little more by putting the nozzle on my blowdryer, holding my hair taught from my head and with cool, low air, I blow down the hairshaft.
I really couldn't get enough of my hair today... I've been playing in it like crazy because it feels so soft and conditioned and fluffy and managable. Most of the styles were pinned, and the 2 puffs were done with 2 banana clips
Oh, and my new killer combination for the perfect twist-outs: Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness Smoothing Leave-in Cream and Eco Styler Gel... OMG! Best Combo to date! My twist-outs come out more like sets because my hair is like straight, but curly, as opposed to being more afro-curly like usual... In my usual twist outs you can sort of see my natural texture where as with these two products it looks almost as if my hair were straightened first and then set on small rollers. I give both of these products 2 thumbs and 2 toes up each and together... a STANDING ovation!!!
For my next twist-out, i will do a video so you all can see how i flat-twist my hair and how much product i use to get my results :)


  1. Have you tried the natural alternative of coloring your hair = Henna?

    I LOVE THAT STUFF because I too am a hair color addict (lol) I LOVE LOVE LOVE changing up my hair color in different shades because to me it keeps things exciting...I don't know if you have ever tried it or don't want to, but I have switched to it and my hair thanks me for it...I don't know if you can take it being in your hair for 4 hours (because it's literally like an all day or a weekend project, depending on how much time you have on your hands), but it's worth the long process.

    If you want to know more info about it go to: http://www.hennaforhair.com/

    Good luck on your color journey hun!

  2. Thank You :)
    I actually have used Henna Several times and i love it! It adds a nice reddish tint to my hair but the conditioning properties are what i most love, my curls adore it! Although it does give that beautiful red tint, i really wanted something lighter and brighter. Thanks for all the advice, info and well wishes! it shall be a fun one!

  3. Your twist-out looks great. It almost looks like a straw set. Nice job! Were the products use used moisturizing? Becuase I always have a problem using gels. They give great hold but dry my hair out over time.

  4. No problem hun! Yea it is exciting when it comes to coloring one's hair. I know with henna the only thing about it is it takes several applications to get the color/brightness you want (even though it can be in a variety of colors = i.e. blond, brunette, black, etc). I think I'm more scared of getting a chemical color treatment because of what it did to my hair the last time :-( but I think I may just do a semi-permanent color instead. I just hate the long process of henna. But your hair looks pretty healthy! I guess it comes from lots of TLC you've been giving it :-)

  5. I know I'm responding to this sooo late (sorry, i never saw the replies :( ) But...

    @neems - Yes! My hair is super soft and moisturized. Eco Styler Olive Oil gel is amazing alone.. if you've had issues with other gels Eco Styler might be the end all for you.. I can do nothing but rave about it =)

  6. & @ Naturally Mystique- Dont be scared of color, just all in moderation! And thank you, Im trying my best to take care of this hair, color and all. And when I use henna i'll either do it quick for like 2 hours cuz im impatient and cant wait to see what my hair looks like or I'll just sleep with it on and wake up and wash it out


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